Brainstorming about changing Game Develop name

I’m creating this thread to exchange ideas about using a new name for Game Develop.
The main goals of doing such a change are:
-Mainly, getting a new name that feels a bit more unique
-Ease the search of information related to Game Develop on search engines…
-…but also on social networks where “Game” and “Develop” are already used a lot.

The main risk of doing such a change is confusing some users that could search informations about “Game Develop”, even if I’m pretty confident that search engine will continue to associate “Game Develop” searchs to for a bit of time.

Any idea about a new name?
I’ll list here some ideas:
-GDevelop (Quite simple, but it seems not too much used and feel more unique than currently. Moreover, it allow to keep the original sense of the software name, G standing obviously for Game. Another advantage is that the logo could be adapted very easily.)
-Game Fusion Construct Stencyl Maker (Just kidding :mrgreen:)

What do you think about it? In particular about GDevelop?

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well, first place to look would be google … e&ie=UTF-8

who is using that name and are they stealing a lot of search results.

I like gdevelop :smiley: - someone got the youtube page with the name though .

Now if you are willing to go wildly creative in exploring names, I would suggest checking this website

Here are some words I dug up from it based on -flexible,powerful,clear…
TDF engine
Lucid (expressed clearly; easy to understand.)
Lucid logic engine
lucid fire/rush/force/boost
lucid dream machine (ldm) (

This one is Epic! hahaha :smiley:

Pro for GDevelop: We can still use the abbreviation “GD”, a lot of documentation uses it :wink:
Con for GDevelop: There are 3 pages named GDevelop:, and, but are not well know… so I think GDevelop is a good choice now.

Hmm, how about “GDevelop PRO” or “GameDevelop PRO”?

The term PRO makes it sound like its not freeware though.

Maybe it can be GameDevelop 2D…?

or HTML5 Studio? ~ or ~ HTML Studio?

How about Dream Studio (perhaps without space)? Because it fulfills your dream of making a game…

there is a distro with that name atm and a creative agency, otherwise nothing is taking it.

Lucid dream studio? (LDS) -sadly its used by a small game company. (although their name is lucid dreamS studio - we just move the S)
and a small photography agency

:smiley: Here is a better description of lucid dreaming from wikipedia.

 In a lucid dream, the dreamer has greater chances to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment.

bah, its too long anyways. gdevelop is less typing

Html5 studio is great but is sadly taken by another engine with the same name.
gdevelop pro sounds like a premium product. But you should add the pro after at least one or two commercial games.

While we are on names, let’s also look at the slogan.

Bring life to your ideas!

You are telling your visitors that they are not creative. Their ideas are lifeless, gamedevelop will help them be more creative.

it should instead say:

Bring your ideas to life!

This meaning is- you have ideas, you are creative and gamedevelop will help you manifest them!

I agree with blurymind regarding the slogan.

As for the name, i (personally) ‘think’ that GameDevelop 2D will be plain and more better than a name change (as there’s no proper alternative yet).

The ‘2D’ addition will be more revealing like - “wait… It says 2D, it must be a game development tool”.

It also says “I am so lame. I wanted to change GD’s name, but could only think of adding ‘2d’ suffix” to anyone who know GD before change.
But I agree with slogan thing.

Some other good names:

Game Creation Studio

Game craftware
game inventor (has good clean google search results)

I say this, but really think we should look for something like gdevelop for two reasons:
1.its one word
2.its unique

when you type two words in a search engine, the words contaminate the search results. Some times when I search for construct 2 tutorials, i dont type “construct 2”. I type “construct2” as one word instead. Otherwise you get a lot of crap mixed in.


how about gdevelop. Or if you really want something like this but free of strong results of other products in google:

gcraft (short for gamecraft) 

Dont put 2d in the name. That way you are taking away the posibility of 3d in it’s future from the mindest of new users, and the engine does have some 3d.

It can be a play of words turned into an abrievation or an actual word. Like gimp or synfig.

Orr it can be an exotic word that means something relevant to our beliefs for this engine.
Like Krita

Krita is Swedish for chalk or crayon. That 'rita' is also Swedish for to draw and that the name Krita could be read as k-rita was unintentional. It is also possible that the then-maintainer of Krita choose 'krita' in the Sanskrit meaning of the word, namely perfect, as in 'krita yuga' -- perfect age. Anyway, since John Califf has disappeared we can never be sure. However, preceding maintainers were fairly sure that we wouldn't get hit by lawyers again by using this name. Me, I would have preferred Kandinsky, but there's already an art app (for the Atari ST) with that name. We won't do another renaming: three names is enough for any application, and Krita is getting quite a bit of name recognition these days. … sed/7-faqs

Okay, so here are the words i came up with:

Creative Engine
Creative HTML5
creativity Engine
Creativity HTML5
Creative Studio
Creativity Studio
Power HTML5
Power Studio
Html5 Creation Engine
Creation HTML5
Creativity Studio
Creation Studio HTML5
Develop Engine
Develop HTML5 engine
Develop Studio

Unique Engine
UniQ HTML5 engine
Unique HTML5 studio

HTML5.PRO engine

(mixing two unmatching words to make a illogical-yet-unique name like ‘face’ + ‘book’ = ‘facebook’ … And i’m NOT kidding …)

HTML5 Sky Engine
Sky Engine
Sky Studio
Spark Studio
HTML5 Spark

HTML5 Shark
Shark HTML5

Flame HTML5
HTML5 Wave Studio/Engine
(there’s also wave engine already though)

Glory Engine
Glory HTML5

Shield HTML5
Flash HTML5
HTML5 Flash Engine

Sketch HTML5
sketch studio
HTML5 Sketch Engine

Beauty Engine
HTML5 Beauty Engine

these are what came in my mind, but i agree are far from it’s original name ‘GD’.

I do not really like all of these names, they are not appealing I think and does not convey the feeling of a unique product :neutral_face: (Thanks nevertheless for taking time to search for them :mrgreen: ).
I also do not like really putting HTML5 or 2D. Does not sound professional nor unique as said before.

The more time passes, the better GDevelop seems to be. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Thats the closest name with the current one, and also the best ‘candidate’…

Maybe worth to consider Game Development Kit (GDK). For example, if you are serious about that to release GD source code later and make it open-source, you could name it something like OpenGDK or SourceGDK. OpenGDK is already used by several open-source projects, but none of them is widely used, so maybe don’t hurt if you decide to use it. But SourceGDK actually is free but if GD become popular under this name, maybe Valve would attack it by saying it name misleading and force you to change it. But I think maybe worth to find a name SomethingGDK.

Otherwise I’m support GDevelop though in my opinion nothing wrong with Game Develop. Only thing is needed for GD, to be more popular, so search engines list GD related content and homepage in first place for “Game” and “Develop” words. Unique name would make it easier to find details online, but if you want to find details, in first place you would search on the homepage and official forum anyway and bigger popularity would bring higher search results. High search results because of unique name would not bring popularity IMO.

Why did he not have this topic on the french forum? Yet Game Develop is a French software, right?

French = Language spoken in French speaking countries.
English = Language spoken in all English speaking countries and by many people in many non-English speaking countries…

GDK seems like a good idea.

Maybe you can also consider just using random words to prefix? Jelly GDK. Sky GDK. Solid GDK. :confused:

Maybe overstatement but how about Event GDK as the GDK is using Events. Or Compil GDK as the GDK developed by Compilgames.

Game Development Kit? It sounds not original (and not really pretty :frowning: ), is composed of 3 words, and these words are general (they are tons of results for Game Development Kit on Google).

Asking first on the English forum allow to have opinions and hints from English speaking people, to avoid some caveats (For people speaking only french, any english name sounds cool).

if you open source it, just call it gdevelop. You don’t need “open” in the name imo. :slight_smile:
In fact- please don’t use “open”.

Most of the big open source applications don’t have it in the name either.

For the name- you have to decide for going for a descriptive name that doesnt sound well, a shortened name (like gdevelop), or a name that is just a word that is beautiful and stands for something- a metaphor, but is not trying to describe what the product is.

a)descriptive,but long --the current one
b)short,but unique (to an extent) --the proposed one- gdevelop
c)poetic, inspiring, unique --the too crazy one? It can be a french word. Why not. French is the language of amor :smiley:
In fact I would love to hear french words and the french users do need to have a say too

or ancient french words even … -BF-X.html

for people speaking only english and not knowing french - any french word sounds cool

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The point would be to use only the initial letters, give it a nice unique name + GDK, something like DarkGDK or PureGDK and you got a nice unique name for search engines and also make sense. IMO
Many products make unique name by using only the initial letters of it full name. AGK, UDK, GLBasic, FPSC…etc just the same as you want to do with “Game”, you are about to use only the initial letter of “Game” to make it unique but really it is still Game Develop or what would be “G” in GDevelop ? :smiling_imp:

That’s quite true :mrgreen: But still I often find these acronyms not sexy enough :slight_smile: