I was wondering since there are no plans to bring 3D functionality into G-Develop, is there a way to import external js. libraries that are already built for 3D; such as Three.js, or Babylon.js?

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Can you bring external libraries into GDevelop? Sure.
Could you bring Three.JS or Babylon.js into Gdevelop? Extremely unlikely, as they’re not libraries, they’re entirely different rendering engines.

You could, maybe, try to adapt Pixi3D, the PixiJS addon for 3D (I think there’s a few attempts out there, including in the extension list), but it’s not like it’s going to hook up to the event system natively by default. You would need to build out your entire logic structure for rendering by connecting your library with GDJS.

As a note, since 3D has been asked about over the years (including by spammers), and official answers have been given about it not being a goal or focus of the engine, we generally close out any new threads about 3D Support.

Since your question was slightly different, I wanted to give an answer before closing the thread, but the thread will now be closed.

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