Brusnik's Long Way Home Demo - FINISHED! (8 months work)


Amazing work :clap:
Too bad there’s a pesky warning on the Web version.

It felt a bit laggy too, I’ll check the offline build later.

@Gruk, are you using Opera? I had the same issue with Opera, but not Edge or Chrome. Turning off ad and tracker blocking on Opera fixed it.

I didn’t experience any lag on my machines.

I’m using Firefox, but disabling my adblocker seems to have done the trick. :+1:
As far as lag goes, I’ll try again later when I don’t have so many programs and tabs opened. :sweat_smile:

@StevicNinja & team, you guys have done a sterling job on an awesome game. Looking forward to the more of it :smiley:

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wicked fun graphics and cool game play. No lag here, looks great

Thanks mate! Couldn’t have done it without Mathew Chalker and a few other VIP contributors :wink:

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Holy hell, that’s really well done. Performance is really good on my end, sound effects and music are top-notch. You + team are doing an awesome job here.

Side note, huge Twelve Foot Ninja fan (can’t wait for new album). Was a surprise to see you popping up on this corner of the internet but so very cool.

Thanks heaps mate! I was lurking around here punishing people on how to use GDev until I met Mathew Chalker who’s a gun at it. Now we’re in lock, stock and barrel. I hope to expand the game into bigger and better things!

Don’t forget to submit your game on the GDevelop showcase :eyes:

Is that where I make walkthru vid? Or something else?

It’s great to hear that you liked the game and the band. I remember way back when I was starting out here you helped me with some camera stuff. So you could say you indirectly help make the game :wink:

Over here: so it’s show over here: GDevelop Games Showcase | GDevelop

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