[Bug] Behaviors parameters order

Hi, today i’ve started to make practice with behaviors and have noticed that the order of the behavior parameters not follow the mine but when you open it in the object properties all are ordered alphabetically so the move up and move down option of each parameter will be ignored.

P.S.: I’ve already tried to save the project, close Gdevelop and reload it, export, delete and re-import the behavior and nothing change.

GDevelop 5 beta83
Windows 8 64bit

Why would that be a bug? Maybe an non-optimal UI behavior, but if it is in alphabetical order it seems to be on purpose.

I’ve supposed it’s a bug because the move up and move down options in the behavior parameters editor loose their sense if after them get ordered alphabetically.

If the user want his behavior parameters to have a precise order this isn’t possible.

It’s not a bug, more something not yet implemented fully.
And it’s very similar to this :

Got it!
Thanks for the info @Bouh :+1: