Bug exporting system

Hi gdevelop developers!

I am reporting a bug in your exporting system.
I don’t have a subscription and I exported 6 times this day and it is still saying that I have 2 remaining builds for today.
Is this a bug or exporting many APKs are free due to quarantine of covid 19?

Lucky you :wink:
Thanks for reporting.

@4ian by chance, did you mess something when you fixed the recent exporting issue?

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: The UI is not updated properly (try to quit and reload GDevelop) but the counts should be good though? Let me know if you can confirm you can do more than two exports.

It’s happening again. in this image you’ve seen that I have 2 downloads already this day. And another one processing

Now I still have 2 download available for this day

and lastly I built another one and it’s still 2

I have no idea what gdevelop’s made off but if we do visualize it as gdevelop thingy I think what’s wrong with this is that you need a global variable that subtracts the build’s count like.
If evenTheGameDeveloperDidNotCloseTheAppAfterBuildingAnExport
subtract the GlobalVariable(ExportCount) (which is 2) to 1.

I’m sorry but my english bad ang I’m not good at explaining.

When I close the app and open again now I have zero builds for today.
But I built a game more than twice and I think if I didn’t close the app I can build more than 3 builds a day. or even for than 5.
I am really sorry I am not good at explaining things and my English is bad

Just tell one thing,
The builds you created after the first two, Do they even work?
I mean, are you able play the game that you have made? :thinking:

Yes. I installed it and it’s working

Can you confirm which beta version of GDevelop you are running? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using the latest version of Gdevelop. IDK or it’s just me or everyone. Did you try to test it yourself? This just happened because every time I build an apk I never close the app.

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just had 4 builds today

Thanks for the screenshots, we’ll investigate :+1:

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It’s for me too and I think this is happening with everybody