[BUG] Fixing P2P Networking example

Hello, Gdevelop community. I was playing with P2P Networking example to see how the chat system works. When the chatbox is busy, this system is supposed to delete the first line of the chatbox to keep the latest message visible. However, there is a bug. Chatbox does not clean the first line and newest messages appear off-screen.
It happenes due to the wrong names of objects in conditions bar and actions bar. Here is the example of how it can be solved.

Location of the bug: Scene “Chat”, Event sheet: Chat (Events), Group: UI, bottom of the page.

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Here’s how it looks without the fix

Hi there,
Thanks for reporting!

@arthuro555 You’re the P2P officer in chief. :grin:
Can you check that?

Huh, I thought I tested that. Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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Ok, I fixed it in a more durable way by using the height of the text object instead of the length of the text, as all characters are not the same size. You can download the fixed version here: p2p.zip.

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