bug html5 preview (loading screen frozen at 100%)

hello, I discovered a bug in the html5 platform, while developing a project I decided to save time so I copied and pasted an object and renown it, when I tried to preview the game charge at 100% but it froze on the loading screen.

To be able to preview, I was obliged to delete the objects and create them one by one without copying or pasting.

Did you check the error message in the console?
Maybe it was not a bug. If the images were located somewhere else, inside an other project folder the compiler might failed to copy the images because didn’t find them… That would be my guess but need to check the console.

Also, you might need to hard refresh the browser because sometime the preview load from cache and does not include all the changes you made. For example you change the path of an image but the preview looking for the image at the old location…

hi , i did not check the console error, and the image location is the same project folder i just copy the object inside the same proyect i just try to save time. and i did a hard refresh.

whenm i create the objects one by one works whitout problem