bug Linux- Decompose gif files

When you try to decompose a gif file from the “import images” window, and you click OK, it says that it has decomposed them.

Decomposition of the GIF completed!

However nothing is shown in the preview. Nothing is shown in the images window. And nothing is created in the project folder or the folder where the gif file is.

Now this seems like an awesome feature for getting placeholder animation from internet gifs. Too bad it doesnt seem to work on linux atm

Here is a nice command you can use in most linux distros- it extracts all the frames from a gif file (using imagemagick) :

Hope this helps. If you have thunar file manager, you can set it to your right click menu - for gif files.
Edit>configure custom actions
For command insert

convert -coalesce %n %n.png

Cant do that in windows :unamused:
or maybe you can, but its not easy because windows desktop is not open source :laughing:

There is a plethora of some really really useful functions one can do with the terminal if you google the syntax.

This is my workaround anyway

Well, there is imagemagick for windows, so…

you cant add custom scripts to file explorer

Yes, you can. You just have to fiddle with windows registry. Forgot details, but done it in the past.

Though I agree, on Linux it is easier.