[BUG] No autosave is created

I’ve been using GDevelop when I had a power cut.
The moment the power cut happened, I was about to add a condition and select the object for the condition. I didn’t get to the point to add the condition to the event.

After the autosave file got corrupted, it was empty, 0 byte. I have deleted the autosave.

Since GDevelop does not seem to create any autosave file.
I am editing the project, run preview, make manual saves and nothing. No more autosave is created in my project folder.

Not sure if it’s a bug or if I am missing something. I never really use autosave, I always create my backups just noticed the empty 0 byte file after the power cut and now I don’t see any autosave in the project folder anymore.

Using GDevelop 5.2.166
macOS 13.4.1

Any chance the power slightly corrupted the preferences for GDev so the auto save setting is no longer enabled?

Not sure if configuration files were corrupted, everything seemed fine except autosave.
I have reinstalled GDevelop and it seems to fixed the problem so maybe it was the configuration file.

However it is just happened again but this time I didn’t use GDevelop, it was minimised in the background and I was using an other editing software when I had a powercut. Again, the .autosave file is corrupted, 0 byte.

At this point my concern is that why was the .autosave file open to write when I didn’t even use GDevelop. Or is it open to write at all times? Should it be? I don’t know.