[BUG]Objects are not rendered in the editor

I did not experienced this for a long time, I thought it have been fixed, but I have just downloaded the latest version of GD5, opened one of my projects and there was again, some objects from the scene was not rendered.

Fortunately it seems to effect the editor only, I have never experienced this problem in preview.
Closing and opening the scene again seems to fix the problem

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it, it does happen sometime, and does not most of the time. Don’t know what is actually causing the error therefore I can’t provide any instructions or a sample.

No, but in case a complete beginner open an example or a template and 70% of the objects are not visible that is definitely a WTF moment right there.

It should be a priority to get it fixed for once because it is annoying and also confuse beginners.

Using latest Nvidia drivers
Ubuntu 18.04 64bit (haven’t tried Windows yet)
GDevelp 5 beta 45


I’ve faced it on Windows 7 too.

This is what I’m talking about on my previous “so called bug” report.

It happened to me for the first time today.

How do i make the object appear ? Max zoom out then max zoom in : the object become visible. Really strange. V51, win10.