[Bug] Particles + Effect = 1second Freeze (FPS drop)

as you can see in the GIF
i have a platformer character behavior in the player object
and event: if player on floor > action: create particle

it works perfectly without any effects
but if i insert for example (glow) effect for the particles
the first ever created particle will freeze the engine for like half a second (very noticeable)

after that no more freezes/fps drop, will happen,
so basically this issue happens only for the first ever created particle in the scene

Particles without effects don’t have any issue at all,
Note: this problem happen only with Custom particles shape

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Thanks for the report. Please share the dummy project demonstrating the issue, so that I can confirm the issue on my side and forward it to the devs.

Sure thing !
Download link: Zippyshare.com

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