Bug when importing sprite images- RESOLVED THANKS!

hey guys, im having a SUPER frustrating time importing my images to my character for animations.

I import the image using “add sprite” button, select the file i made in Aseprite and when the file is loaded, its SOMEHOW the wrong image!?

i even tried renaming the sprites to see if that would fix the problem, which it did for ONE set of animation sprites, but then it stopped working for the other.

could this be some kind of naming convention issue, or some kind of like, cache within GDevelop that isnt clearing so its loading older sprites?(-which shouldn’t matter anyways because my sprites are super fresh in this build). or maybe im using the wrong image format?

any help would be greatly appreciated, the amount of time this has been taking is a huge bummer for something so simple

Try this: open the menu (right next to the save button), go into “resources” and delete every image that you are not using, then try to import again.


Note that this may be a problem with the image update because there was no change on the file name.
If you restart the application the image should be updated, right?
But it’s strange that you still experimenting it, it seemed to me that it was fixed in the most recent versions.

yah, im gonna try that first solution tonight, i started a new scene, and i was given a popup when loading my images, and it asked me if i wanted to make a copy of the artwork INSIDE the game folder. in the new scene i made sure to keep the files cleaner and not like, ‘rock the boat’ with re-updating the graphics too much. it seems to be better in the new game file.

OH B A R F!!! yah my ‘Resource’ area was just CLOGGED with so many extra instances of my images!!! i deleted all of those images and re-imported them all and i think that solved the problem (and taught me a solid lesson)

thank you SO MUCHH!!!