Bug with automatically generated name when creating an image in piskel

I can confirm that there are many times that new images generated in Piskel are automatically saved in the Assets folder with a numerically assigned name, which is often mixed. When viewing the path of a file in an image within the animation editor of an object, the assigned name appears (which is a number), but when searching for it in the Assets folder, the file name is a different number (different name of archive). However, the animation usually works well. But when changing some other file within the Assets folder, some unrelated animation may be affected, giving a different image than the one seen loaded in the editor (taken from the same “Assets” folder). I suppose it is because there is a mix-up with the file names in the Assets folder and the file search path in the animation editor.
Another thing I would like to understand if it is also a bug or not. When I edit an image in Piskel and change the image size, it automatically creates a new file within the Assets folder with the edited image. The same thing happens if during the course of editing the image I press Ctrl + Z to cancel the last change. If after any of these actions, I save the changes, the new edition is automatically saved as a new image within the Assets folder. If I make modifications to the image but do not perform any of these actions, the modifications are saved on the same image before (it does not create a new file in the Assets folder).
I clarify, it is not just a problem of the latest versions of Gdevelop, but this problem has been happening to me for a long time