Bug With Exporting Game

I use the free version of Gdevelop where you can only export your game up to two times a day. For over two days Gdevelop has still been showing up with 0/2 builds remaining. I have attached a screenshot of this.

I believe your count can actually go negative, so if you hit the button after you had 0 builds you now have to wait until whatever negative amount is cleared. My memory might be wrong, so someone else can correct me if so.

You can always export locally and build your packages using yarn: Publish your game to Windows, macOS and Linux manually using Electron and Electron Builder [GDevelop wiki]

  1. If you make two builds at 11pm, don’t expect the counter to reset at midnight.
  2. Close and reopen GD to update the counter.
  3. Click on See all my builds to check the date/time of your last builds.