Bugs about auto save

Can someone fix this bug please, because everytime I close the app then sometimes when I open it, it says that there’s an autosave file in gdevelop, but when I say don’t open it. It;s says an error so I need to accept the offer from gdevelop the autosave. but now my work came back from few days ago and my work is gone!!! please fix or help me about this help me how to disable the auto save from gdevelop I am really pissed off it wastes my 1 month in my life I’ve been working 8 hours per day and now it’s gone!!!

This thing happened to me so many times, not once but so many times please help me with this :(((( I JUST REALLY NEED TO DISABLE THE AUTO SAVE

It’s showing like this but when I cancel it

It shows like this

So I need to click okay but when I do that, my work is back from last night. It happens to me so many times and It’s so irritating.

Please do not make duplicate posts on the same topic. As this post has more info than the other one, I will close out the other.

Your second screenshot means your primary save file is corrupted. Something on your machine has corrupted the save, or your last manual save did not complete before you closed the app.

This has nothing to do with autosave as autosave doesn’t overwtite the main save file in any form. You can delete the .autosave file in your project folder to stop getting the notice, bit if you do not have a good manual save you will no longer have a project at all anymore.

It seems like your next steps would be to open the autosave, make a manual save, then close out the app and reopen it to ensure you can open the manual save. Once you do that successfully you can go delete the autosave file from your folder and disable autosave.

Sir, in my project the auto save overwrites the project. I’m sorry for duplicating posts. But you said in my previous post that the auto save will only do its action if you open the preview. So because I am working on a map in my work. I don’t really do previews for now becuase I don’t test the event, becuase I am working on a map.

So if I work hours without previews then when the app suddenly crashed then when I open the file that happens above (the photos I sent)

So if that happens, then I need to click okay, then my project goes back to what it is hours ago. So I just wasted my time, stress, and energy.

So the autosave does overwrite my project and that’s my problem. It goes back hours ago. Where my last preview was. But if instead of save I do previews everytime, preview takes a lot of time. Because I am working on a big project using gdevelop app.

While that may be what appears is happening to you, that is not what happens nor how autosave works, but it is irrelevant right now.

Again, as mentioned since your manual save is corrupted, your only option is to open your last autosave, make a manual save, turn off autosave, and delete the last autosave.