Built games try to connect to the internet


Some time ago I was reinstalling the tools needed to manually build the games. Doing some testing, I noticed through the firewall that games try to connect to the internet as soon as they are launched. I thought it was something related to metrics, so I turned it off and tested it again using the Platform Example.

But the built games (I’m testing with AppImage) keep trying to connect. What would that be?

Just to make it clear that I don’t know to much about firewall, internet or whatever the related subject is. I’m trying to clear up the doubt, because it was the firewall itself that identified the connection attempt.


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People, after a bit of research, apparently one of the attempts at connections is about when we set up the app using Electron (this was my case). It looks like something related to the SpellChecker. I don’t know if it’s possible to turn it off.

But one of my games sometimes tries to connect to api. gdevelop-app .com. Why does this connection attempt occur? It’s a game built using the instructions from the Gdevelop Wiki using yarn and electron and the Metrics are disabled. It’s an Appimage and I’m using Linux Mint 21.2. The weird thing is that it happens sometimes instead always when I open it.