Built in event editor in the forum?

Just an idea I have in mind. Many times we are sharing events on the forum to show and explain people how to get things done. At the moment when we are making suggestions and try to explain how to organize the events, normally, we are using actual screenshots or in most cases display the events as code:

condition : action 

In my opinion it would be very practical if we could build actual events right in the forum and include it in our posts. It doesn’t need to be functional, downloadable or any fancy staff, we need only the look and feel of the real events but it doesn’t need to generate real and functional events, project files or anything. It would be used only on the forum to show how to make staff in GDevelop.

Something similar to GDevApp event system but with a bit more similarity in look and feel to the actual events in GDevelop if possible. Again, it doesn’t need to generate any real staff but fake events to display in the forum posts so unlike with GDevApp, all type of events can be included.

+1 :laughing: