Can GD make a full fledged game?

I used to use Construct but after doing a large game like a full fledged game it started to crash, how complete is GD compared to Construct and is it capable to create a complete game or it still crashes when it comes to making a full fledged game? seeing as this is the alternative to Construct for the time being atleast until C2 comes out.

GD has no limits for the numbers of scene, of events… But, if you open 50 scenes at the same moment, It can bug because you don’t have enough RAM.

But that means at the same moment only right? I mean all at once and not the maximum limit of scenes in-game and my PC is a powerful PC as well, so I think that only counts for weak PC’s that cannot run nextgen games I believe.

Also is it possible to test layout/game without having to compile the game everytime? :confused:

Yes, if you have a PC which can run small 2D games, there are no limits

Yes, in the ribbon, click on “Preview”, then on “play”.
But you can’t see the scene’s change (a message in the status bar appear to say that in the compiled game, a new scene will appear.
So, you can only test a scene at the same moment.
And, there is a debbuger where you can see the variables’ content and modify that.

Thanks :smiley:, I guess this is a better alternative to Construct 1.