Can GDevelop create complex 2D RPGs?

Hello, I want to know if GDevelop has any limitations in terms of creating 2D RPGs. I do wonder if you can create on GDevelop RPGs like OMORI and Undertale, since these games are kind of complex, and I don’t know if this engine can create such complex 2D RPGs. So, do you think that this engine has limitations with creating these kinds of RPGs?

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Sure. They are just top down games with different scenes for combat.

The biggest thing will be that, outside of the topdown movement behavior for map movement, you will have to build out your own logic for things like menus, leveling, and combat.

All doable, just nothing prebuilt for you in those instances.

No engine limitations that I can think of in replicating those games, although I’ve not played omori to completion.


pro tip: some extensions help a lot when creating an RPG like the shadow clones for party members.

Can you name all of the extensions that are helpful with RPGs? Thank you for your advice.

ShadowClones (for party system)
SpriteMasking (helps a lot for advanced animations) (not needed tho)
Ysort (making objects follow their Z order acording to Y position)
FlashCameraTransition (for game transition)
I hope it helped : )
I also recommend using yarn dialogue recommneded yarn tutorial:

(also if you want your character to be named according to the player check out this thread:
[Solved] Custom player name in Yarn dialogue? - #11)

If you need anymore help dont hesitat to ask for help : D

Also, should I use a new scene when the character gets teleported? Like, when a character walks out the door, and they get teleported, they will be in a new scene, right? So when should scenes be used?

And about global variables, what should be a global variable? I guess the main character can be a global variable, but I am not sure what else can be one too. Do you know when global variables are useful?

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Global variables are useful for any information you want to keep when you change a scene.

I would definitely use new scenes sometimes but not every time. Like if I was about to leave the encampment to fight evil in the wilderness I would probably just walk out of the encampment and walk normally around the map without teleporting to a new scene. I might actually keep all of act 1 in the same scene. So really it would be up to the developer and what suits their needs and their current level of skill.