Can Gdevelop make a good isometric hack and slash game? IE Zelda?

Hi, i have been exploring the free software, that allows people with limited coding skills to make games.
And Gdevelop had piqued my interest quite a bit, but exploring the featured games, i am mostly seeing side scrollers.

I was wanting to more of as titled an isometric style game, with hack and slash elements, something akin to the movement of the SNES/GBC era of Zelda.

Is Gdevelop something that will do this well out of the box, or is there other software that may be better suited?

And a side note, if this software does work well, for what i had in mind, is there any good tutorials that i can use as a jumping off point once i have gotten the hang of the software?


You could make a top down Zelda like Link to the Past pretty easily. You’d start with the top down behavior, and use “Separate objects” to handle collision.

The rest (damage logic, item logic, inventory, etc) would be a combination of deciding on your own logic and using variables.

Just for clarification: Other than the 3rd person 3D games, Zelda is mostly top down (Outside of the new remake of Link’s Awakening) and not isometric. Isometric would be more like Tunic. You could still do that too.


I would look into using a tilemap. You need to use a separate app to create the map and then import it into your project but it creates beautiful maps. If you’re just starting. You might want to learn the basics first. Do some tutorials. Look at some templates.

There are some limitations but it simplifies map creation.
( * Only orthogonal tilemaps are supported - isometric tilemaps are not for now.)

Tilemap object [GDevelop wiki]

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Good to know about the Iso tilemaps. thanks :slight_smile:

Ill definitely be beginning with the basics. just was making sure i can make the sort of game i am wanting too before investing the time.


Yea a classic top down view will be fine, for what i am chasing either way, just wanted to know if it was possible with the provided tools, as the vast majority of titles shown seem to just be some variation of side scroller or 2D shooter.

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Take a look at the “top down adventure camera” example. It is set up to emulate zelda 1/link to the past dungeon room transitions, but definitely doable.