Can I change back from the new design change?

I enjoyed using GDevelop, but now that the new design is here I find it very hard to use, it messes up my muscle memory, and confuses me a bit when I try to build new muscle memory. Is there any option in the settings that lets me change back?

Hi, you cannot go to an older version through the settings. You can re-install one of the older releases though.

Drona is correct. Going forward the old design will not be returning, even as a toggle.

My understanding is that the new design is considered an initial pass, and may change more over the coming year.

Unfortunately, this may mean you will need to relearn that muscle memory over time.

I’ve tried installing the previous version, but it upgraded despite me turning that off in settings, is there anything I can do about that?

Well, I never tried to downgrade, so I thought you just deinstall your current version, download the older version which you want, install it (maybe without internet), disable updates in the preferences and everything is good. But that’s not working for you?

I can confirm that does work as I have 3 different versions of the engine on my machine currently and they don’t automatically update.

However, what is likely happening is that the upgrade is occurring as soon as they launch the installed version. What you should do is change the setting, close out the engine, then relaunch it and ensure the setting has stuck. THEN uninstall and install the older version, as engine settings remain regardless of install unless you delete the settings in appdata.

It should definitely be possible if you complete the above. That said, keep in mind if you revert to older versions, all new feature changes will remain unavailable to you in the future, and in general you will not be able to get support if you run into bugs with your projects or the engine.

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