Can i create Youtube and blog tutorials on youtube???

Hey guys i have been using gd since 2012 decor nov don’t remember exactly :smiley: had a lot of fun with it…never created a full game with it but had a lot of fun creating small small application during my schoool days…now gd support a lot of features so i thought it would be cool to create a game(simple)in gd so i also want to do tutorials on my youtube channel or blog but how do i do it ???
i mean i just wnat share knowledge cause even today i was not able to find a large source of resources for beginners and as compared to other engines these resources very little…by the way i am completely new to fourms so i am soory if i made a mistake…

Sounds like a good idea, and of course you can do it if you want to.In fact, the GD community will appreciate more tutorials.

You will need some software to record the screen, e.g. Open Broadcaster Software or ShareX or other free tools out there.

If you want to speak in the tutorials, consider purchasing a USB microphone. Maybe even a cheap USB microphone from China can do. Simply put, sometimes USB microphones have less noise in audio recording, because a part of audio recording noise comes from built-in soundcards on PC. USB microphones have their own mini “soundcards” built in. Maybe you already have a microphone that works fine, in that case, no need to think about that.

Other than that, I don’t think you need much else. It’s probably best to start on very simple things. E.g. maybe a small platformer game, a game like pong or even just a small part of a game. Maybe a series of videos with steps.

“Making a platformer game - part 1 - designing the basic level”
“Making a platformer game - part 2 - adding player character and setting controls”
“Making a platformer game - part 3 - adding bonus objects and traps”
and so on…

Just an example. :slight_smile: Of course, you don’t have to follow such a structure. It’s your channel, and you get to decide what you want to do and how. :slight_smile:

For written tutorials, just register and write on the wiki, you can both write and upload content examples. Better to write on wiki because it’s directly GD related, and other people could enhance/update it the futur.

Thanks brother i m working on it