Can I make a game like this one on Gdevelop?

I’ve been learning game programming for a week with Godot, but I’m struggling to create my first game I suck at coding. I was wondering whether I could make the game I wanted with Gdevelop without having to code. My goal is to create a mobile game similar to (Smashing Four: PVP Hero Bump)

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Let me save you hours of frustration… unless your extremely talented and a very quick learner, making your dream game, or even your main goal game first try is really gonna be tough.

As for you actual question, Yes you can, its in my experience that everything i thought out, everything that i imagine, i could create in GDevelop.

GDevelop is an actual game design engine that lets you be creative with no, or very few limitations.

In GDevelop, you do actual programming even tho you dont use code, its not like some module engine or fill in the blanks like Buildbox or something along those lines.

As for your attempt at making games… heres some rock solid advice… grabbing an engine and trying to make your dream game straight away is like buying a piano and trying to play Mozart flawlessly first day.

Make a simple game first, learn to walk before running… Make a simple platformer, make the character move, make some systems like health and points… learn the parts little by little, and after your done with your first couple games, then go for the one youv always wanted to make!!

Hope that helps you :smiley:


Hello, Xhon.
From what I saw in the video of the game on Play Store, this should be possible to make with GDevelop using physics engine, storage and Firebase (optional).
However, you have to install the external extension THNK to provide multiplayer.
In a very advanced case, you may need to code JavaScript if you want to use APIs, for example Play Game Services integration (leaderboards, achievements…).
But this is a big game, so as MagicBiscuit said, I advise you to develop very small games related to what I mentioned (Firebase, physics engine…) first.
Good Luck!

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