Can I use GDevelop for this?

Hello all, I’m new here and just discovered Gdevelop the other day. Sorry if I’m being a bug with this post, but since may last year I have been planning and making my game Monster Asylum in ren’py, but my vision for it has changed a lot and I’ve decided that I probably can’t effectively achieve all that I want to using ren’py anymore. I’m trying to create a point and click style adventure game, with hidden objects, VN elements and multiple endings. Do you think I could do this in Gdevelop?

i think you can, using sprite objects.
Im not an expert but i think it is possible

It’s possible, you’ll have to write all the logic and your game will be fairly heavy if you have a lot of hi-res images. Better try to combine smaller images to create your scenes/screens :slight_smile: