can not UNDO deleting a scene

how come ? :smiley: am i missing something?

btw keyboard does not work in linux most of the time. When i click any of the undo buttons nothing happens

The undo button is in the scene ribbon, so it’s here to undo something that happened in the scene (add, moving, removing an object) but not for undoing a scene deletion.

so there is no way to undo deleting a scene. :slight_smile:

shouldnt the user be at least warned that there is no undoing when deleting it?

I deleted a scene by mistake. Pressing the delete button to delete an event deleted the entire scene instead. Not that the keyboard works at all in the event sheet :unamused:

There should indeed be either a message (quick & easy solution) or a undo button (better but harder to implement properly solution).

something to consider for the next version? :slight_smile:

The easier way is just to close the project and reopen it again (if you didn’t save the project right after deleting the scene).
And it is helpful to have a bunch of copies of your project in separate files in different stages of completion (for example, part1, part2 etc) so you can start over from the latest copy if something wrong happened during working on your project.