Can somebody make this displacement map for me?

I’m trying to make this perspective displacement map, kinda like a 3d cylinder shape.
Like the one in fnaf.
I want it exactly like this:
As you can see the stuff in the middle stays normal, the stuff near the bottom left and bottom right corner go down, and the stuff near the top left and the top right go up.

I tried so hard to make one. I found one make by somebody else here:

This one looks perfect in near the middle, but it doesn’t work near the left and right edges.

Also keep in mind, I want the image to be exactly 1280 x 720
thank you! I really need this!

Sounds like you want to creat an image and use a linear gradient fill. has this as a standard tool.

The problem with is that the gradient tool always fills the entire canvas and it’s too rough around the edges of it. In short, the gradient tool sucks.

I can’t figure out why the displacement map above doesn’t work.

So you use the selection too first to limit what gets filled. But better still, use the Reflected Linear gradient fill. Here’s an example of that, and it took all of 2 seconds :


Heh, a good craftsman doesn’t blame the tools. I think you lack understanding on how to use it.

That displacement map isn’t gonna work. First of all, it’s not the right size. Second of all it’s suppose to be gray and not aqua. I’m not sure if you were using that as an example, but the displacement map I’m looking for will look something similar to this:

I’m trying to figure out why it doesn’t work near the left and right edges. I can’t really explain it so you might have to see for yourself.

It was just an example to show what can do.

i know this is late, but i made a map that is 1 to 1 to the panorama effect in clickteam.

use the image attached as a displacement map with the X scale set to zero and the Y scale set to around 400.

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Thank you so much! I don’t know if it works since I quit GDevelop and am using another game engine, but I’m very certain it does work judging by how confident you are! You are so much help for making this, I will be sure to save it in case I need it again!

Yeah, i know im a little late to reply lol. and yeah it works fine for me, just a little pixelated at higher scales so im trying to mess around with vector graphics to get rid of that.