Can someone play test my game

Hi, I am making a game for a jam and I am 90% finished. So, can someone play test it as I have been working for it for a week and a pair of fresh eyes would help. CAn someone play test it and let me know if there is any performance issues or any bugs. It would be really helpful. The aspect ratio is the default as I haven’ got the time to do it and I will do it tomorrow.

Here is the link:
It is in the “Progress-branch” not the “main” and the how to play is in the readme (Some of the features like enemies running away do not exist and the "thruster and the “Bomb Shooter” are not yet added and will be added tomorrow or today and there is a “bomb part” that is not explained in the readme as it will be replaced by the “Bomb shooter”)

Thanks for helping :hearts::hearts:

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Nice. I suggest you to insert a tutorial

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Did you notice any performace issues? Or any bugs?

your play button does not work, because you have cursor is on play inverted for some reason:

then in gameplay, it is very hard to navigate properly, since there is no orientation point.
Add some background, that makes it possible to notice movement. a simple chessboard would do.

and the bullet collusion doesnt trigger properly, especially with many guns.
add a for each, and dont use trigger once.

and i assume, is supposed to be “kills”, not “hills”
speaking of kills, seems its impossible to get more then 1 kill.

The Idea is fun :+1:

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Thank you so much! :heart: I had fixed the play button problem, and I will try to fix the other issues if I am allowed to do it. Thanks again!