Can the new Text Input object be hidden?

Thanks for the new Text Input object - it’s made the inputting of text a whole lot easier.

I’ve spotted the warning that “The text input will always be shown on top of all other objects in the game…”.

Does this also mean it cannot be hidden? Because I use the Hide object action, and it is still visible. If I place it on a layer and hide the layer, it is still visible. Is this a characteristic of the object, or a bug?

I noticed the same thing. I was only experimenting with it and have deleted the object now, but I ended up making the opacity of the background 0 when it wasn’t in use to ‘hide’ it.

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I think this is a bug or still incomplete, hide should definitely be possible.
I reported it on github a few days ago.


Yeah, probably early stages of development or MVP. Get the object out there with some/minimum functionality working, and improve it every release. I can live with that.