Cannot find "Widgets.xgdwe"

Hi Ian,
I downloaded Game Develop, Windows installer version, a couple of days ago. My programming skills are very rusty (it has been many years since I programmed anything except webpages). After installation and a restart of the machine, the program was initiated. A message appears informing me that Widgets.xgdwe cannot be loaded. I upload a zipped bmp file which shows the exact message.
As I said my programming skills are useless but, if I read the error message correctly it just may be an error in the address it is calling. “./CppPlatform/Extensions//Widgets.xgdwe”
I uninstalled the program and downloaded the “zipped” file for Windows without the installer. The file was unzipped into the Program Files /Game Develop folder. When GDIDE.exe is initiated from this the same error is triggered.
When GDIDE_Dev.exe is initiated, in the command line box shows that it is trying to call for “Widgets.xgdwe” at :

I believe the extra “/” after Extensions is the problem. My skills are rusty enough that I could be wrong but…in any case I do not have the knowledge to repair this. Widgets.xgdwe is located at: “./CppPlatform/Extensions/Widgets.xgdwe”
Many Thanks for your attention. This program looks like it has real potential for us non-programmers.

The Machine is : AMD Athlon 64 Processor 4000+ 2.41Ghz 2Gigs ram
Running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3

Again My Thanks,
ScreenShotGameDev001.7z (73.3 KB)

Just delete the Widgets extension : Go in the GD installation folder, then in CppPlatform/Extensions and delete the file Widgets.xgdwe.
This extension is not compatible with GD3.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did as you asked and it seemed to load fine. So far so good!
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to really trying this out.

Thanks Again,