Cannot Import Sprites from Mobile Device Storage Using GDevelop Mobile App on Android 13

I’m having trouble importing a sprite from the GDevelop mobile app. When prompted to “Choose a file,” I select the PNG file created in Pixel Studio, 32 x 32 pixels. After clicking “Add 1,” the dialogue box returns to the message “No file Chosen.” This issue is consistent with my Samsung S7+ Tablet and S22 phone, which have the latest Android and GDevelop mobile versions. I can import sprites from the asset store without issue, just not from my devices’ storage. However, I successfully imported the sprite from the desktop version and can also import a sprite from my mobile phone into the web version of GDevelop without problems. I have attached screenshots of the problem encountered on my phone. Thank you for your assistance!

Please Note: I cannot upload multiple screenshots because I am a new user.