Can't close object editor
When I try to create a new object and add an image for it, I have no way to close the editor like they do in the tutorials. The only way I can think to close it is to shut down the whole thing through the terminal. And that means I lose all of my progress :frowning: I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 BTW.

Why don’t you have titlebars ?

The main Gdevelop window does have a titlebar, it’s just not in the screenshot. As for why the smaller window doesn’t have one, I have no idea.

The problem is that this dialog can only be closed with the close button of the title bar. :frowning:

I downloaded a different desktop environment! (I was using gnome desktop before) I switched to KDE and it works perfectly! :smiley:

Strange. Gnome usually displays a small titlebar (without buttons) but you can still close the window using a right-click on the titlebar (as least with the default Gnome theme).