Can't log messages to the debugger on the first frame [solved]

This seems weird but if I log a message to the debugger on the 1st frame, it doesn’t appear.

Test events:


test 1 through test 3 don’t show in the console and when a=0 test 4 a=0.
The variable a’s default value is 0.

What’s likely happening here is that the messages are properly logged, but the debugger is not yet connected to the game when the first messages are.

Not sure if this is work “fixing” - it is intended to only send messages when the debugger is connected, keeping a copy of all messages in case the debugger connects later would be a huge memory leak for the game.

In real games, this issue would not happen either: you likely have an empty project here for your test, but add a few assets, and the game will take enough time to load that the debugger will surely be connected by the time the game code starts running.

For such edge cases, you can take a peak at the javascript console. All messages are always also logged there by the game.

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OK thanks. I was testing something. It only had a few lines. I added a wait to delay my actions but it still seemed weird. Thanks fir the reply.