cant open preview

im making a shooting game ive been getting on quite well but from the other day every time i try to open up the preview to if what i did works, it just loads and stops at 98%. can somebody tell what i need to do i dont want to start again

Are you making html5 game? if so, doing hard refresh (ctrl+f5) my help. Also please show your JS console log so we could see what errors it gives (if any).

Another thing is that you put it in bad section. This should go to Help for game creation.

tanks for the help but it’s still not working. im not really an expert of the coding thing so i dont know what a JS console log is

If you have deleted an image from your project recently, also from your project folder that may causing such problem, as even though you don’t use the image but it may remain in the image bank and so, when you run preview GD try to copy the image even if it not in use but because it isn’t exist in the folder, it causing preview to stop at 9x%. So, if you have deleted an image recently, make sure it also deleted from the image bank.

The other option is that, you using Chrome, as far as I remember you can’t run preview in Chrome as it blocking same scripts, always use Firefox for preview.

If your image bank is right, and you also using Firefox for preview, then maybe you misspelled an object name or expression, but to make sure we need to see the JS console. You can run Web console by pressing SHIF+CTRL+K or in Firefox, go to the Tools tab, select Web Developer and Web console and JS inside the web console, anyway also make sure everything spelled correctly in your events.

both of you thanks. i saw the problem although it still says that i have an object that i have no idea how it got in my game it can now load successfuly. thank you

ps how to make the camera follow the object

and when i was on the js console it took me to pixi.js. what is pixi.js? sorry im new to this :blush: :blush:

Add an event with no conditions (allways runs) and an action to move the camera (They are under “Layers and cameras” section)
You can use “Center camera on an object” or “Center the camera on a position” and use the object’s X and Y position :slight_smile:

pixi.js is the render engine used by GDevelop to render through webGL or the canvas (is the Javascript render engine). GD makes all the job for you, so there is no need to learn its api or anything about it, don’t worry :wink:
Anyway you can found and learn about it here:

what is that

Copy-paste from somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: :

I’m not a connoisseur of scientist programming or CG, but I think (basically) a render engine take some data to render (images, basic shape and color, etc.) and “transform” it to be displayed on the screen :slight_smile:

i think the reason why my game is not running because there is an error which shows an object which i cannot find

so what do i do?

Are you sure every image in the “Image bank” exists? :confused:

If your project is not ultra-secret, you can upload it here (with the images), then somebody can check it :slight_smile:

im tryna copy n paste it but its not letting me.

another problem is that now in the preview my character is not moving and it not even appearing on my screen.

also i dont know how to create a new post in this forum. (i know right?)

Either you know or you don’t know :wink:. Anyway, you do it same way you did with this thread (but please chose correct section this time).

If your character is not visible, probably you delete or hide the object somewhere in the events or set it position outside the screen.
If your character is not moving, obviously you need to check the events used to make it move or stop it movement.

To find the origin of the problem the best and in most cases the only way if you can remember

  • when was the last time it worked?
  • what have you done since?

If you can answer this 2 questions, maybe you can find the solution by going trough everything you have done since, or roll back, delete everything you have done since to get back the last working state. Also worth to consider to always make a copy of the recent working project file so if you can’t find the problem and everything just messed up you can still roll back to a working state and don’t have to start all over again.
Also I recommend to always use external events to keep your project tidy. For example, keep character specific events in one separated external event, keep enemy specific events in an other external event, scene specific events also and so on and so forth. It make it easier to find problem in such case. Also in case of HTML5 games, always remember to use CTRL+F5 every time you run preview to make sure you see the preview of the updated project.

I think at this point we really need something to see, a screenshot of the events or project file itself.
You can upload attachment ,a screenshot of your events or project file itself or a zip of your project by choosing "upload attachment under the text box when you post a reply. And once you have uploaded you can select “Place inline” to insert attachment in to your post.