Can't unlock locked objects, also can't rename layers

Hey guys,

I feel like my instalation is lacking some functions. For example, when I click an object in the scene interface and lock it in the property window, I can not access it anymore. Right clicking Other Properties doesn’t do anything, nothing happens, opens or w/e. The Other Properties option never works though, not just in interaction with the locked function.

When I open the Layers Editor I cannot rename a layer. Neither by doube clicking (as it’s explained in the base tutorial) nor by pressing f2.


Other Properties opens the same panel as Properties, but for the main object (not the instances). To unlock the locked object, you can:
1 - Right click over the locked object and select “Unlock the object under the cursor”, but it won’t work if the locked object is ocluded by another.
2 - Select the locked instance in the Instances panel, then unlock it in the Properties panel.

Ah, awesome. Thank you mate, can’t try it now but that sounds like it’ll work.

Working in GDevelop 5-beta 73 - I accidentally clicked on the “Lock position/angle in the editor” for an object then clicked off the object before I realized what happened. I tried the recommendation of Lizard-13 above - nothing happened - no drop down menu, no way to access the properties of the object. Fortunately, “undo” allowed me to release the lock, so I saved then did a little experimenting. If you draw a selection box around the locked object, the properties box will reappear for that object and you can then deselect the Lock property. I hope this saves someone a few moments of panic.

To unlock an object, open the Instances list.


From the instances list, you can choose the instance of the object that has a lock symbol beside it.

Click on that object and then you can unlock the object from the Properties panel.
And yes, it works in beta 73 too :wink:

Thanks, Plyushpalawat99 - good to know there is another way.

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