Can't upgrade. Bug?


I tried to get subscription of 7 euro/month but unable to upgrade.
After giving the card details it says cannot upgrade your subscription please try later.
Does someone else have this prob too, what to do?

At the moment there are some changes on the subscription service for the improved service.
But I don’t think it should be a problem.

Maybe it would be nice to have a browser page to subscribe :thinking:

Has Pateron been considered?

I have donated to a number of projects through this site and found it very easy to use.

@Mucy can you send me by private message the email of your GDevelop account? I’ll see what is going wrong. Also if you can, try to subscribe again to GDevelop Pro and let me know the exact date and time at which you did this.
I’ll inspect what is going wrong :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!!!

Also you may want to try with the new version. Cancel your subscription by choosing the Free plan, then choose again a indie/pro plan. You’ll be asked for a new card :slight_smile: