Cany anyone help me with my first game?

I’m brand new to Gdevelop, but watching tutorial videos just don’t do it for me. I’ve always had issues with video tutorials. It’s hard for me to follow along, and I get discouraged very easily if I cannot get it right, but once I get too discouraged, I usually never pick it up again. I do not want that to happen with my first game.

I’m thinking I need someone to walk me through the process, such as on Discord, at least for the first game until I can get my confidence up and gain a better understanding to do it on my own.

Anyone want to help a beginner out?

There are a few guided lessons under the learn tab.

There are also a few tutorials that you read along with. There are a lot of templates as well under build.

It’s a lot to take in. I personally like Gdevelop better than the other apps. I love how it’s simplified. You don’t need to use a bunch of different files and almost everything is built in. There’s drawing, sound and a dialog system. Conditions are on 1 side and actions are on the other. There are a lot of extensions and behaviors that simplify things like physics, tweens, spawning, movement and other things. I’m amazed at what you can build with just a screen full of events.

What type of game are you interested in making? The 3D part is fairly new and is still growing. There’s more of a foundation for platform and top-down games but it can also do anything else like puzzle games, tower games, racing, quizzes, clicker, isometric and others.

There’s also this forum with people willing to help.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking of a pinball type game, except with many different elements from traditional pinball. Another one I am wanting to make is a Q*Bert or Asteroids like game.

I’m very weary of tutorials, as I never remember what to do upon starting a new project. It’s like I go on autopilot and forget everything later. I tend to work better with some discussion involved, someone to give me pointers and tips and opposed to giving me a video or written tutorial sans interaction.