Castle escape game made in GDevelop

Good evening everyone, :slight_smile:
my little game in GDevelop with updates, now we have a GDevelop logo, a button that takes the page of the game on facebook, a hat that helps to start again from where you die, and small corrections, this still has bugs but it is playable I hope that they like, and give your feedback! :wink:

Nice game. Which Gdevelop version did you used?

Hi 500gx20pkts all good?, iโ€™m using version โ€˜โ€˜4089โ€™โ€™ my pc is old and this work better in my Windows 7 :smiley:
but iโ€™m using 5 version and is very good too! :stuck_out_tongue: thankyou very much!

A new version is available, now you have 5 lives and also have the coins to facilitate the passage to another level !!! also corrected the position of the camera (I tried) :smiley: I hope anyone who downloads this will have fun, thanks and a hug !! :slight_smile:

Great job, really funny but for me that I see little enemies all of the same color gets pretty hard to handle, but this because of me, this is a game with potential.

Congratulations also for the graphics the details, is really very precise and you see the passion with which you are dedicated to the development of the game

However you should write somewhere that you have to download the latest version because game jolt upload the game to patch IE every update will load the latest version and you can download even the older ones, but can also be a Incentive to show users that youโ€™re currently working actively on the game.

Thank you so!!!
: D I played your games and I like them a hug !!! :sunglasses:

If youโ€™re referring to asteroid collision itโ€™s pretty shabby but if you play heavy space retro currently Iโ€™m upgrading it, and Iโ€™m losing hours
With the updates shortly I will upload the additional news inserted.

Anyway I wanted to tell you, that you are a big and I think if you insert it on steam there are good chances that it becomes viral.