Cat in a Hat Studios - Looking for a few more members!

Hey GDevelop community!
Considering we’ll probably be using GDevelop for our debut game as a Team I thought I’d post this here.
We’re currently looking for a few more people(we’re 5 so far) to fulfill the needed roles and get things going. … re-needed/

If you’re not looking to join but still want to support us, please share our community page:

We’d really appreciate any visibility that would come our way :slight_smile:
We’ll be updating our development process as time passes, thanks all!

I’d gladly join, but unpaid position? Good luck finding anyone that is both talented with GD and have time to help you.

Thanks, but it’s actually going pretty well :slight_smile: We’ve been getting quite a few candidates from different websites, so all’s good. But we’re still interested in hearing from more people!
About pay, yeah, currently unpaid, but if all goes well everyone will get a sum, as well as a big donation for GDevelop :slight_smile:

Well, then I actually may give it a go. I’m pretty advanced with GD, was using it since 2.6x (I think…) back when it was still freeware and not open source so I got some experience with it.

//edit: If it’s not obvious, I will join as scripter/coder, though I may help with art as well as I am quite good in pixel and regular art. But mainly coding.

Throw us a mail at and we’ll discuss it further :slight_smile:

I may as well ask I’m new to GD but getting the hang of it maybe when I get better I could…join? Also, How do you collab with people? I do need a little help with my game so maybe I could see if anyone’s interested I could collab.