Cat walk sleep / Updated! v1.1.1

I released CWS game on Itch. Go check it out! Cat walk sleep

Entirely made with :heart: in GDevelop.

Thanks everyone in this great community and GDevelop developers. You deserve everything!

Game is updated to version 1.1.0!
I hope you will like it. Go check it out and have some fun!
Thanks everyone for support!

EDIT II :slightly_smiling_face:
Game is updated to version 1.1.1!
Fixed some minor issues, and added end game screen!
Yes, now you can actually finish game (but its hard), it is not anymore just highscore based litte game. ^^ Go check it out and have some fun!
As always thanks everyone for support!

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It’s a cool little game. Had a little lag on my old dinosaur of a laptop but still fun to play.

The only thing I didn’t like was it took a lot of shots to take down the people, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just my opinion.

I was also very pleased that it doesn’t require any extra steps to play. Nothing to download or install, it worked right in the browser as intended. No false hopes like when someone has only a windows version.

Do you consider this a finished game, and ready to move on to something else? Or is it something you may update in the future?

As a possible improvement, you might consider adding extra keys for movement (w,a,s,d in addition to arrows) for left handed people, or maybe explore the joystick extension. I grew up on console games and for me a keyboard will never really compare to having the controls in the palm of your hand.

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Yes I think its ok for a version 1 of a game, but I am planning to update it to v2 with some improvements.
I am already making another one that is story-based platform. So, I am thinking of linking the end of this one or some elements of this one to that game, essentially this trippy parts.
Thanks for input! The game already has full xbox and ps4 controller support. :wink:
I will add wasd keys for sure. I will consider bullet system improvement probably with more enemy respawns. Thanks for checking it out fitkoh!

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Another possibility is to have a difficulty option that will alter the bullet system. Easy mode, less shots; hard mode, more shots.

You could also consider adding gamepad instructions to the controls menu for people (like me) that are too hasty to scroll down the page.

No thanks are necessary; the game is its own reward. I just want to pay it forward. If I want people to play and feedback my work, it’s only fair that I should do so for others :wink:

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