Cauldron Craft: Dress Up Witch

Well, my game is finally done :slight_smile: Here it is on Google Play. It’s a dress up and decorate collection game.

Thank you guys for all the help whenever i had questions.

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Good job, the screenshots look really nice! Congratulations :slight_smile:
If it’s your first game, I recommend that you offer it for free. Once people have seen, liked and shared your work, they will be waiting for the next game and willing to pay for it :slight_smile:
But it’s just my personal opinion.
Do you have another project in mind, now?

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Thank you for the suggestion! I may very well do that, I just wanted to try my luck launching it as paid first lol. I have an instagram following that I’ve been promoting it to and have gotten a few purchases from that, but yeah if some time passes and it’s not going anywhere I’ll probably switch it to free. I do have another game idea in mind :slight_smile:

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looks great very solid presentation how long did it take you from start to finish roughly

you can always do freemium model with ads, would be more effective rather than the pay once model which is harder to get users to play since app games market is already over saturated.

Thank you! It took 9 months from start to finish, much longer than I was anticipating lol.
The game was originally going to be monetized with rewarded ads, but I couldn’t figure out how to properly implement them in a way that would be legal and aligned with google’s policies, since this is a game for kids. It requires some coding which was beyond me lol. My plan right now is to just see what happens (I’ve got a few d/ls trickling in from my instagram promos), and if I start making another mobile game I’ll switch cauldron craft to free and maybe try the second one paid if the first gets a bunch of d/ls lol