Ced64k from Belgium

Hi, I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’m Cédric from Belgium. I’m a 41 years old webdesigner and front-end developer.
I discovered GDevelop a week ago and it looks really nice :grinning: I’m trying to make a top-down isometric racing game.

I already tried to make video games a long time ago (3D Game Studio, who remembers ?). And also more recently with Construct and Unity. But it was not a success :slight_smile:


I do :slight_smile:
It was the very first game engine I tried but I had no idea how to use it, I was reading the getting started guide for C-Lite without any prior coding or game making experience but I had no idea how variables, if statements the physics engine and particles engine end up being a wizard (in an example I’ve found) that was capable to make it start raining and throw lighting at me. It was cool I did play around with the level editor but it was beyond my capabilities to understand how game logic works. I wish it had a more beginner friendly guide, the engine was capable, I was amazed by all the games people shared and at the time there was not many competitors with a free trial version that you could download for free and learn as far as I can remember and yes it was those times when “free trial” was a thing in the software industry :wink:

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Yes it was the 2002 Unity haha :smile: I think the lack of cross platforms killed them.