Celestial Gatekeepr - RPG (Gamedev,js Game jam 2023)

Celestial Gatekeepr - RPG (Gamedev,js Game jam 2023) submission

This is our Submission of Game jam 2023 Gamedev.js
Celestial gatekeeper by TimeSpace (itch.io)

Celestial Gatekeeper is an epic tower defense RPG that puts you in the shoes of a mighty celestial demigod. Your mission is to protect the sacred tower from waves of demons and monsters that seek to destroy it.

Skills - Cube fall, Time slow down, Gaint spear destroyer

How to play

Use W and S to go up and down
click on the skills icon to use the skills

Play the web version or download it for PC
This is our submission for the Gamedev.js Game Jam 2023

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - itch.io
I hope you like our game, please share your valuable feedback on our game!
if you have any suggestions please share them with us, and we will improve the game.

Game by: TimeSpace Indie game development company Founder: Dinesh Naidu Co-founder: Karthik naidu Game art and designing: Karthik naidu

Art direction, planning concept and music: Dinesh naidu Follow us on Twitter: TimeSpace (@TimeSpaceworld) / Twitter

Thank you!
Please share your thoughts and help us improve this game into the full fledged RPG game for mobile and desktop

Thank you again for supporting!
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