Certain characters in Bitmap Text displaying incorrectly

Hello. Now, I was working on a pixel game and the Bitmap Text feature was quite welcoming for me. So I tried to figure out how to use the thing for about 10 minutes until I figured out how to use it and well… some characters were not displaying properly. Some of the characters were shifted by 1 pixel for whatever reason. Screenshots of the example are at the bottom of this message.
Here’s the text on the example screenshots, just in case:

Screenshot text
Uh... you're not
supposed to see
this text...

I did some more testing some time later and it seemed like that the even numbered text scales were completely OK and starting on scale 3 and going from every odd number onwards, the characters which were fine earlier also started to encounter the bug. It was still only 1 pixel though, so it could be made rather invisible by increasing the resolution, but that’s just hiding the problem from my point of view.

Now, if you’re going to be suggesting me to use BMFont, then just as a response to that: I did make the bitmap font with BMFont. Look below for the settings which I used.

Screenshots (merged together):

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