Chance - " Demo at GameJolt "

Hi “GDevelopers”…

Well, we are making another game. A minimalist one.
We were “breaking our heads” to finish some big projects as:

The Time Manager( initial name )


The fighter career ( initial name )

But, as I’ve said… too much “head breaking”, so we decided to play with a small, fast, and joy game. The thing got our main attention now, and we are about to finish it in a month or two. The initial name is “Chance”.

Here are some screenshots:
The main menu:

The character choice:

The first level( there will have initially 10 levels ):

The complete level screen:

Level select screen:

All of these are working perfect!! The work now is: create the other mazes, some achievements, level up, new powers.

This is a screencast of gameplay:

Here is the demo game:

These projects looks amazing ! :slight_smile:

Hey Kink!
Thanks! We are trying it.

I love these kind of fun and minimalist games, The art looks really nice. I find the controls a bit raw, it feels like the character is walking on ice and always get stuck in the walls. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m looking forward to see the game released and play the full game :slight_smile:

ddabrahim, thanks for the tips!

Yes, the game is under development, and it will need a fine tune at the end. The idea now was to test all the main game. Details will come.

It looks pretty cool, I hope to see more in the future :slight_smile:

It is incredible the game, you have a big creativity, i will hope more levels :smiley:

Thanks guys!

Yeah, now working on some concepts to the maze game. Level ups, achievements, and than the other levels.
we ( me and my brother ), decided to dived it in five words, with different mazes, so… it will have 50 levels.

This week we are finishing the level ups and those achievements, so, next week we will start the mazes builds( lot of work )!! :astonished:

The demo game is out!
Now you can play a more complete game.

4 mazes with all powers that the characters can use.
There will be 5 worlds and 10 levels for each one.

It is at game jolt: