Change scene bug

when there’s 2 change scene events it should change scene on the 1st one not the 2nd one?
I had to add a wait 0.2s so that it works correctly

I don’t believe this is a bug and instead intended behavior of the engine.

As the logic is being read top to bottom, you have essentially overridden the request to go to the “yellowcard” scene with the request for the “compet” scene.

Using the wait action will change the behavior of this as you’re not longer requesting to go to the “compet” scene in the same frame.

You might want to look into conditions / variables to control what scenes you want to view rather then using the wait action.

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so when there’s a change scene it still do all the events and choose the last change scene encountered and not the first one… not really logic but ok

Nobody would do two events like this without a condition, but yes I’m also a bit confused that actions, even in sub events, are executed, after the change-scene action should have been executed. I don’t know if it was always like that, I don’t think so.

I removed the conditions to simplify, obviously