Change scene not working

I’ve encountered a problem where the change scene feature is not working if i have the movable character on the scene. I’m using html5 with physics and topdown movement. The Screen just freezes at the moment of collision what is supposed to change the scene. Everything works fine if I run the previews separately. Anybody knows how to fix this?

Scene change is not going to work in native game preview, you need to export your game to make it work.
In case you have this problem in HTML5 preview, I’m not sure what would be the problem, probably something with your events but I can’t tell.
Have you tried to export it and see if you still have the problem?

I played around it with placing the two scenes in one and just placing the player in the next room instead of changing scenes, but I still have no idea what was the problem, my script is fine because I use it for other scenes.

If someone finds this post with a similar problem, deleting the scene that froze and building it again solved the issue.[/size]