Changing Scene Hangs Up the Game

Hi. Why does the game hang up for a few seconds during the change of scene? There are no physics behavior and the game is compiled for native windows. Thank you.

Because the game needs to load some stuff to start the next scene.

Y’a t’il moyen de mettre une ecran de chargement dans ces cas là?

It is possible to use a background at the beginning of the scene or at the end of last scene to fake a loading screen?

Sure, but you can’t show a dynamic loading animation, just a “Loading…” text or something like that :slight_smile:

But between 2 scene its not possible?

It’s possible by switching to the “loading” scene and then directly switch (from the “loading” scene) to the next “real” scene.

Mais comment precharger une scène? Mon jeu est tellement gros que ça prend 5 sec à lancer la scène principale ^^

If I understand correct, the loading scene is a scene that has all the necessary objects that will be used in next real scene?

I just wonder, can the program still be optimized to make it load faster? The graphics’ size are small but it takes more than 10 sec. to change scene