Changing text object to global text object with "Flexitem" behaviour brakes "at the begging of the scene" condition

It seems I can semi reproduce this bug.

I had created a scene text object and added “Flexitem” behavior to it and added an instance of this object to my scene. Everything worked fine.
Later I decided to change this object to global object. After running a preview I started to notice that “At the begging of the scene” condition was being skipped and not fired.
Removing “Flexitem” behavior or the instance of the global text object with this behavior seemed to resolve this issue and everything was starting working fine.
Adding this behavior or object instance back skips the “At the begging of the scene” condition again so It’s a repeatable bug at this point. I just don’t know If it would be easy to reproduce it from the start on another project.

Unfortunately, “Flexitem” isn’t a behavior native to the engine.

Is it something you got from the community extension list?

You will need to give more context on what this extension is/does before people can give guidance.

I think it may come from the flexbox extension