Character and Platform not Loading on Android


I have an Error when I load my Game on an Android Device, the Character and the Platform doesn’t load.
that then has the look of something falling in the Infinity. I know that because the Smooth Camera keeps following an invisible, falling Figure. And due to the falling, the Score and Coin Texts used to keep up with certain variables stays in place. But if I load my game on my laptop: The errors that I said don’t appear.
even If I remove the Platform, the Score and Coin Texts still follow the camera. As wanted.

What I know is that in the beginning, I selected Desktop Full HD. Does that cause the Problem? If yes, Is there a way to convert it to Desktop and Mobile Landscape?
An answer would be helpful. For my game


Project resolution shouldn’t be an issue.

If the assets don’t load on your android device, either it’s not getting exported properly, or it’s a larger asset than the phone can handle.

What size is the actual image file being used for your characters and platforms? Mobile devices can have smaller limits than desktop, so that could be impactful.

The platform is a tile, that’s what I know.

The platform is 17 KB,
The Player is 430 Bites,
The Vines for the game are 3,94 and 3,06 KB,
and all of the other assets don’t pop up in my Everything search bar, probably bc they’re from Gdevelop.

I do remember that bc the Items were small, I resized them to a bigger size in the Width and Height section. Is it then the export problem?

I’m having the same problem, whenever i add assets that aren’t from the assets store they don’t work on Android, whenever i preview the game it shows a giant or invisible player that starts falling off the ground

Same problem, no fix yet?