Character doesn't run smoothly on angled objects

I decided it may be a good idea to have assets to be purely decorative since they will be loading in and out (I’m going with 50(25)% downscaled textures now in hope they can load seamlessly), and have the skeleton of the level be made out of simple blocks hidden under them, but character doesn’t run on angled objects as well as it does on just angled hitboxes, it feels like it can’t decide if it’s on the ground or falling, and going up is way slower. I’m talking 30-45 degrees angles.

Ok, nevermind it still lags even because of 8Mb being loaded into RAM, I guess it’s unusable :c

The main problem seems to be the number of picture loaded during the same frame (when you spawn the object). This is simply two much to avoid a lag.

Can you combine those into one big texture and reference parts for frames on compiling automatically instead, like construct does? I think core engine is the same.

That’s definitely a way to improve the performances. However, we can’t put an infinite amount of texture into a single texture (there’s a texture size limit, ~ 8192x8192px on modern computers).
But if your textures only weighs 8MB, you can keep them loaded in memory to avoid the lag.

So my game could only consist of 512 unique objects of that size? And what about backgrounds? They need to be full hd, and have at least like 2-3 layers for good parallaxing. And music? Because your engine is 32-bit and 4Gb is a hard cap.

GDevelop will load the needed backgrounds (do not keep them in RAM) for the good levels (you won’t use all backgrounds in each levels). You can also keep an instances of each enemies used on the scene (only the enemy used on each particular scenes).

But I want one scene for the whole game world :c Loading screens break the flow, especially because it’s not possible to make them, or is it?

So, all the backgrounds would be loaded all the time anyway (even without the keep loaded option checked).

You have a point about backgrounds, loading them in would freeze the game for sure. But not aggregating frames for an object into a single texture is a real oversight this time, how about somebody fixing that? And if frames don’t fit into the biggest texture, just make a second one with appropriate size. I thought it’s already doing that, now thinking that it’s fitting each texture into power of two squares, no wonder it doesn’t work.